Inner Development Work

 Integrating Eastern and Western Psycho-Spiritual Practices

double dorje

  • Psycho spiritual development, integrating meditation and psychotherapy 
  • The living body: sensory awareness training to cultivate embodied presence
  • The healing power of loving kindness practice
  • The way of the mandala: utilizing our five wisdom energies to restore sanity and balance in our lives
  • Life passages: method and design for graceful life transitions, especially the midlife transition

I work individually with clients who seek a larger spiritual framework within which to understand and work through their psychological, emotional and relational issues. The approach that I offer combines deep dialogue with emphasis on remaining grounded in our body.  Working through emotional knots and deep seated personality patterns permits their gradual transformation into an embodied presence.  I also lead regular meditation groups and meditation retreats in Northern California and offer workshops in life passages with emphasis on the midlife transition.

My approach to facilitating inner work with clients is based on 40 years of study, training and practice in Buddhism as a way of life, as well as 25 years of practicing psychotherapy. I utilize psychoanalytic, Jungian, developmental, narrative and somatically oriented psychotherapeutic methods. My practice with clients has been increasingly oriented towards psycho spiritual development of the whole person, attempting to serve the soul by supporting the further reaches of human potential and well being.

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