The Midlife Transition Group

double dorjeThe agenda of the first half of life is largely about building an infrastructure for our lives: creating a niche for ourselves in the world, cultivating skills and competencies, and commitment to various social roles.  The challenge of the second half of life addresses the larger issue of what holds enduring meaning, value and purpose for ourselves.  It challenges us to enlarge the frame of our familiar social roles and scripts.  In so doing, we may find ourselves floating in unchartered waters not yet ready to imagine the being who we are in the process of becoming.

Midlife is the portal to the second half of life, which is sacred because it has the potential to complete our human journey.  Sensing that there is more than the conventional life we have been living, the midlife passage can offer a guiding vision that points beyond the limitations we have accepted.  Whatever aspects of ourselves we have neglected or denied, hold the key to an expanded sense of self and a return to wholeness.  At midlife we might ask ourselves, ”What new life is trying to manifest through me?”

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